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    Feb 17, 2000
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    I went to put on my new Warn winch bumper last night and ran into a problem. The only places my old bumper attached at were the frame rails. Warn said I should also have some bumper brace brackets on my truck that kind of bolt on the sides of the bumper that were already on the frame. Anyways, my truck didn't have any, so I went to a junkyard and found a 4x4 Chevy pickup and got the bumper braces off of it. Problem is, they bolted up with 2 vertical holes on the frame. My Blazer only has one big hole in the frame. Whats the deal? Did I get the wrong braces? Did my Blazer never come with any? Are there braces with just one hole? I'd really like to get them on there to make the bumper stronger, so please help.

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