Need info on a 208 Transfer Case

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 84K5inSR, Sep 19, 2002.

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    Hi Gentlemen,
    My brother-in-law has sent me searching for information on a 208 transfer case for his 84 K5. He's looking for information on how to rebulid and install, I guess....if anyone can help me, help him I would be SO appreciative.
    Thanks So Much!
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    just go to autozone and buy a haynes manual book. they have a whole chapter about transfer cases. and a section about the 208. later.

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    Don't be scared to jump into this one. Take your time give yourself a few days of down time. Since it will take a few hrs to take apart then a day or two to get the new part ordered. Get a rebuild kit from AutoZone or a parts store. Rebuild it and call it good for another few years. I did mine myself with no prior experience and it came out great!

    here is a little something I wrote to CanmoreK5 when he did his:
    What you will want to do is if I remember correctly exactly this:

    -- Drain the fluid.

    -- Diconnect the speedo cable

    -- Remove the TC from the truck.

    -- Point the rear out put shaft towards the ground. (I dont have a vice big enough or any special tools I just put a board beneath it to keep from damaging the outputshaft. Maybe you have a better way to support it. I'd find a helper to hold it for you.)

    -- unbolt the t-case at the halves

    -- ease them apart they may be difficult to seperate at first whatever you do don't use a screwdriver to break them apart this will damage the matting surface. If you must use something on the oblong ends of the t-case there is a sort of lip by the outside bolts you can pry there gently.

    -- pop goes the weasel its apart!

    -- you sould be able to slowly part the two peices looking inside so that if anything comes apart and the chain comes off you will know where it came from. (likely the chain will want to stay attached to the front output shaft)

    --Dig in!! Then when reassembling...

    -- Clean both matting surfaces well and make sure they are nice and clean and used BLACK? RTV to put they back together. It doesn't take much to seal the case as long as you have a clean matting surface on both sides and torque all the bolts back in a circular pattern to 35? ft/lbs. Seriously I might have used a bead of RTV as 1/3 as wide as the surface straight down the center of the matting surface and looping around the outer holes. Don't put too much because you don't want lots of excess dripping into the internals of your t-case

    Its not very difficult and don't be scared...I never thought I could rebuld a T-Case myself. My mechanic buddies were scared to help because as they put it transfer cases and transmissions are in their own world apart from the auto world. I said the heck with it. Followed my hanes manual and took my time paying attention to what went where...I now could about build one in my sleep. I can just about visualize it all as I explain. The only problem you may have is with teh front yoke. I believe I removed it first and you may or may not have to depending on how stuborn the chain is inside. If you do remove it once again torque on that front output nut is crucial at 120ft/lbs. Good Luck and have fun!
    P.S. I should probably tear my 208 apart and rebuild it borrowing a digital camera along the way. Then do a writeup. I get lots of t-case related ?'s and its not all that bad...You'll see. While you are at it you may as well clean the little magnet inside the case. Its circular and will look like a blob of mettalic gunk on the rear output shaft side.

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