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    What size u-bolts am I going to need for an 8" Skyjacker with a 1" ORD add-a-leaf? I have 4 springs and each spring pack has the add-a-leaf. I was thinking that I could go with u-bolts from a 2" lift and then just one u-bolt from a 4" lift to slip around the diff. I am having a serious problem here, because I need to get my truck lifted and on the springs by Wednesday. I just need to get it sitting on the springs......the shocks don't matter or steering. I have to get my driveshaft lengthened and need my truck back in operation by Friday. I hope you guys have some answers. lol Later

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  2. I get my u-bolts from napa. all they need is the distance inside the u=bolt and the length. they'll either have some in back or order you some. I just took my old ones down there and told them how much longer i needed them. hope this helps!

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