Need some Axles, door panels, winch mount and a motor. Have parts to trade

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    OK I am looking for a few things. I am in Va Beach Va 23457 so the closer the better on the big stuff. Here is what I am planning so it will explain what I need.

    -Project one- I have a 91 3/4T Suburban that I would like to change over to a FF rear with 456 gears. I already have a 4:10 front so if I can find a 4:10 rear rather than a set of axles with 4:56s I may go that way. I would rather have 4:56s though.

    -Project two- I have an 86 3/4 T Pickup with 4:10 gears. I would like to change the rear from SF to FF so I need a 14b FF with 4:10 gears. Also I am converting this truck over to power windows. The parts I am using are from a Suburban so the driver's door has to many switches. I need a door panel (grey) to match the one I have or a set in Grey or Blue to replace both.
    - Also looking to put a winch on the front of the truck.

    -Project three- I am entertaining the thought of changing my Suburban from a 350 to a 454. So I will be looking for a TBI 454. The more complete the better. May also need the computer for a 454 with the 4l80E tranny

    If this doesn't make sense as it sometimes confuses me what the heck I am doing drop me a line.

    - I need 2 14 B Full Floaters with 4:10 gears
    - One set of 8 lug axles with 4:56 gears with the rear being a 14B FF the front can be anything that will fit
    - Need 1 Grey door panel from a blazer with power windows or a set in grey or blue from a truck or blazer.
    - Some form of winch mount for an 86 pickup

    I have a complete Suburban that I will be parting out over in the 4 sale forum if you need something for trade.

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