Need some help assembling my NP208!

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    I just replaced my shift fork (4H-N-4L), put everything back together and was turning everything over on the work bench. Everything seems fine but when I put it in neutral and turn it over I get a grinding noise like my planatary is trying to catch, it is in neutral but I don't like the noise. Now if I tilt the front of the tranny up there is no noise. Is this a adjustment problem that made my shift fork wear out in the first place? I don't really want to go sticking this back in my rig to find out I have to take it back out.
    Also anyone know which driven speedo gear I need for 31" tires, 3.07 rear end, and 700R-4? Just need the tooth count.
    I'm trying to find a diagram on the transfer case, all I have is the Hayes manual pictures, I need a complete diagram. If any one has one scanned they could send me it would be great.
    Thanks for the help!

    Displacement, cubes, and did you say you drive a riceburner???

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