need specs on U-bolts for 14bolt FF with 4" blocks

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    need specs on U-bolts for 14bolt FF with 4\" blocks

    did a 14 bolt swap and used my old u-bolts, I made em fit, I know not the best idea. I have a four inch block also to calculate in too. My truck is upstate right now and I wanted to have the u-bolts for when I go to visit it again, so I can't take any measurements myself. I need to know the inside diameter of the ubolts and the total length. I know I need 5/8 diameter rod and I think the axle diameter is 3.5 but I have heard 3.25 also. Anyone have any info that might help? Is there anywhere online I can order these things from, I work late so I usually can't get to a shop plus they want 40 bucks for them! Thanks once again,

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    Re: need specs on U-bolts for 14bolt FF with 4\" blocks

    I just got brand new u-bolts from ITP last week for Blzr86's axle I rebuilt for him. They cost me $40.00.

    The specs for the 3/4 ton sized u-bolts are:
    5/8" rod
    3.375" i.d.

    You need the i.l. long enought to fit a 4" block would make the i.l. (inside length) around 14" long. Do not go any longer.

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