need to know what numbers on axles mean

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    <font color="blue"> </font color> Hey all. I was pokin around under my '87 k5 today while planing out some new exhaust, and i decided to jot down the numbers stamped on my axles. I was wondering if any of the nice k5 gurus out there can tell me what the numbers mean.

    The front axle is a dana 44 for some reason;as i know '87 is long after the use of dana 44's. maybe someone put it on my truck. Anyways, on the housing boss there are the numbers: 2377

    The rear axle is a coporate 10-bolt like it should be (though i'll definitely change that soon).On the differential cover is stamped the number: 26007927
    On the front side of the housing boss is
    stamped: 15555679

    I really appreciate you guys' help

    Mike /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif

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