Need your Help & advise! Engine swap, D-60,D-44…..Sound right?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Takman, Nov 19, 2003.

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    If this sounds like a stupid question, I am sorry.

    I am thinking to buy a donor 78Sub to upgrade my 90Sub1/2T and 90K5.
    I got 90Sub and 90K5. Both have 35in and 4in lift F/R 10bolt. K5 has no posi nor right gear ,but Sub does have posi and right gear 10Bolt.

    Now I am trying to buy 78Sub as a donor to do swapping. This 78 has Dana60Font,Dana44Rear(owner said) both with posi and gear and almost new goodwrench350 4bolt main.

    Here is the plan?! I got good set of 10BoltF/R with posi, right gear and warn hub on my Sub and want to swap those whole axles to 90Blazer which just been raised,but no gear,no posi,no warn hub(stock). I know 12,14,or Dana is the way to go but only driver for this K5 is my lady and no need for modification going supermarket and back...

    And for my 90Sub,I want to swap donor’s Dana set and also want to swap engine(78 to 90)if I can. Due to having 180Kmiles on stock 350TBI and getting oil leaks everywhere(main seal…etc)I just need any motor until I save enough $ for BB chevy.

    Sorry for the long introduction.

    Here comes questions.

    Q1,I love the idea of getting D60 on the fornt but the D44 on rear? This donor78Sub(going to see tomorrow) owner said has D60Front and D44 on rear. Now,does this sound funny to you? I know many will upgrade to 60front and 14bolt rear, but who would put 44in the rear? may be he is mistaken for something. Privious owner did all the modi and he has little knowlege about this Sub.

    Q2,Can I use early 350(4bal)part for my TBI350?(maybe short block)As I said my 90Sub motor is getting tired and want to swap donor’s create 350 that is lot better condition than what I got now. But I want to keep my TBI unit. I know for the fact that this create350 is 4bolt main(vs my 2bolt tbi), 2-piece rear main seal(vs 1-piece),diff head
    in/Exh size, diff distributor, and the list goes on. If that is possible what parts I need to change. Second, if I would to keep my Tbi, is there any good Vortec heads and headers(cal emission)available in the market?

    Q3, Swaping 10bolt unit from Sub to K5. Is there any factors whcih I need to consider carefully when swapping 90Sub 10bolts(whole sets of unit with brake,shocks etc) to K5(I notice some diff in Suspension between two)

    Thank you for taking time to read this long one. Happy wheeling!

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    Re: Need your advise! Engine swap, D-60fornt,D-44rear…..Sound right?

    Yeah, I really doubt there's a dana 44 in the rear. The only Dana 44 rears came on some Jeeps, I think. He probably meant 14bff or 14bsf.

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