neighbor's new 79 K20, question about rear springs

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    neighbor\'s new 79 K20, question about rear springs

    neighbor recently traded an 84 harley for a 79 K20 thats lifted and converted to part time and stuff, we just now got back form cruising around town in it, the rear lift is only with 6" of blocks, the fornt is all springs only, the back sags a little bit, i think if he got 8" rear packs then it could all be real close, the front packs are supposed to be 6" packs

    he wants to lift truck more actually, but i dont know what options he may have, it already has longer hoses and maybe shocks, and definitely has a drop pitman arm on it, although it looks like a factory one but not GM, more like a jeep or soemthing one, unless aftermarket ones are iron and bulky looking ?

    what do you think ?

    he was wondering about body lifting it, it is stock body mounts currenttly, i told him he could probably get away with 2" or less body lift without having to mod steering column shaft, what are his options here ?


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