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Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 1Blazin71, May 23, 2002.

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    Aug 23, 2000
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    Having more money than time right now I just got my 71 back from a 1 ton conversion and wanted to report some of my results.

    I had been collecting parts for about 6 months: military surplus 4.56 14FF, 8 lug conversion parts, etc. I had most of the work done at the 4XDoctor in Burbank, CA and overall am VERY pleased with their work and the outcome. I have a few minor bugs to work out.

    Heres what went into it:
    - 14BFF rear with 4.56 & detroit
    - Alcan 4" rear springs w/ greasable bushings
    - NWMP 37 gal fuel tank
    - ChromMo axle shafts for D44
    - New hubs, rotors, backing plates, and spindles (8 lug) from Border Parts in San Diego.
    - Detroit & 4.56 ring & pinion for the front
    - Custom 4" Alcans for the front (Specs provided by Stephan Watson at ORD & Greg72 of CK5 fame)
    - ORD HD front shackle
    - Sleeved the original tie rod
    - Had the passenger knuckle tapped for steering arm while it was off to make cross over steering a bit easier when I get around to it.
    - The new front Alcans are WAY soft and we had some trouble with the stock shock mounts. I had dual RS9012 and those were too short to let the springs fully droop. We ended up using RS9112 and moving the shock mounts up into the inner fender well by about 2".
    - Procomp 35" ATs on 16x85. Welds.

    It all works great. I had 3.73's and wasnt feeling all the power my ZZ4 has and with the new suspension it hooks up real nice. The ride quality with the new springs is phenominal!

    I still have to replace the 4" lift front brake lines with longer rubber ones before I ramp/wheel it.

    I also have some funky pedal feel/brake performance. The 14Bff has massvie drums and I cant seem to get the prop valve set just right to not lockup the rears so easily. At one point it seemed I was only locking up the front and then after fiddling with the prop valve I got it somewhat balanced but I dont need to put nearly as much leg pressure on the pedal as before to get it to lockup.

    Had to get a ebrake cable custom made to fit the 14B. It's still streching a bit and I need to adjust that again.

    I'm getting some popping from the driver's side Alcan when I cycle the steering. It's definately the leaves in the spring moving around as the steering box kinda pushes the truck up and down a bit as it goes through its range. The old rancho 4" (stiff as hell) front springs did this too once in a while....but I feel it way more now and every time.

    I wonder if this oddity is the result of the raised steering arm, as opposed to a dropped pitman?

    Hopefully I'll have some pics up soon.
  2. Burt4x4

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    Sounds like you are on your way!!
  3. 70~K5

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    Apr 13, 2002
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    sillycon valley
    I just put the ProComp extended line on my '70 K5. I made new front steel hardlines and move where they hook up to the stainless lines. If you look under a 2nd gen the hard lines come thru the frame about 8"s to the rear from where the stock line came thru. There was a hole there already. This spot is more inline with the banjo bolt on the caliper. I think I'll get more droop in the line doing this.

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