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  1. wstolar

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    Sep 17, 2000
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    This looks like it might be an interesting product. If it turns out to be robust and reliable it will be a good alternative to the ARB. Only $600. They say Dana 60 model coming soon!
    It would be great if they had a FF 14 bolt unit in the works also.
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  2. bigjbear

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    Feb 18, 2000
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    Marietta GA
    I was just talking to a friend about Toyota's old cable and new eletric lockers. I couldn't believe no one in the aftermarket had anything similar. I wonder if they will make one for a front 10 blt. If not, looks like its time to swap front axels. I like the cable much better than ARB's set up. Now I am torn for next year's addition: a winch or the OX. By next fall there should be some good trail reports on this thing.
    Jim '80 GMC.

    It's a Wheelbase thing, You're Jeep wouldn't understand!

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