New source for Disc Conversion?

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    I don't really follow this issue anylonger, but I came up with some information that may help some others out.

    Yesterday when walking through a body shop's "junk yard" I came upon a F150 that the rearend had been wasted. But, on the rearend (which was out of the truck, and sitting in the bed) there was a set of brand new disc brakes, complete with the sweetest parking brake setup I've ever really seen. (second only to the disc's that have drum brakes inside of them.) I didn't get inside of them to really look at what made them tick, but they had a lever on the inside of the backing plate, and when pulled, it would apply some type of brake.

    Anyway, if anybody comes up with a 1/2 ton and want to add disc's, the ford setup may be the ticket!


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