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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by CCRider, Oct 22, 2001.

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    Jul 8, 2001
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    Hey Stephen what can I put behind a 4L80E for a transfer case with a right side front output!! Do you or anyone else make an adapter to join this trans with a 241c??? Let me know , It's for a late model tahoe straight axle conversion! Any Ideas for steering on such a swap?D60/14FF axles thanx CC

    1991 Fullsize 5 1/2"lift, 37"ssr's,10Bolt8 lug , 14Bolt ff, 4:56 Detroit rear, 12"fr. 14"r Bilstein remote res.350 P.F.I , 700r4 , 241c W/ sye
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    Sorry to butt in, but take a look at Advance Adaptors website. I believe (if memory serves me), they can adapt a 241 or 400 version of the 205 to the 4L80. It's worth a look.

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    A right hand 241 from a TH400 should be direct bolt on. The round pattern (rare) 205 would also be a bolt on, possibly with an input gear swap. To use a fig8 205, you'll need an adapter of some sort, I don't know if Advance has exactly the right kit or not, but they have a lot of misc. parts that are good for more than they advertise them for.
    You could also go to a 208 from a TH400 application. They're not the beefiest thing in the world, but they do transfer torque and don't spontaneously explode when you hit dirt.
    You need a factory 4wd output housing on the 4L80 and the 4wd 32 spline output shaft to work with any of this.
    Hope this helps

    oh yeah, putting a 203 behind it for a Doubler would be pretty easy also.......

    Steering: standard crossover stuff. Different dimensions than a straight axle, but that's about it. You could use our pitman and steering arm, then measure for the draglink and be done.

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