new to the car audio scene... couple questions.

Discussion in 'Audio' started by four_by_ken, Aug 19, 2003.

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    I am totally new to the car audio scene. My sound has always been from the engine. :-)
    But, with the daily driver being a 2.2 S-10 now, I am starting to mess with the audio. Just a few real beginner questions.

    - 2 ohm vrs. 4 ohm. One 'better' than the other? I assume the 2 ohm will draw more from the amp?
    - dual voice coils. What is a voice coil? And whats the deal with dual? thats all I really see advertised.

    I will bring out some more questions as they come up and I dont find the answers. Thanks

    Ken H.
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    The ohm rating of the speaker will determine how "difficult" of a load it will be for the amp to drive.

    Some people get really excited about running low ohm loads in their system, I don't. Most amps that can do both 4 ohms and 2 ohm loads are LESS efficient driving the lower loads. I've never seen an amp that was TWICE as powerful at 2 ohms as it was at 4 ohms. There are some losses electronically....I believe the whole idea started when stereo competitions had a "0-50 Watt Category" and people were trying to figure out how to drive LOTS of speakers off a small single amp. It can be done, but there ARE some drawbacks.

    Remember too, that a speakers resistance will vary based on the specific frequency it's being asked to play. When you start playing the "ohm game" that can come back to haunt you (You're 2ohm speaker may only be 1 ohm at some frequencies, and overload your amp!)

    Dual voice coil gives you more wiring options (for the total ohm load on the amp) and is useful when running multiple subwoofers, because there are all sorts of creative ways to mix series and parallel wiring to create almost any load you need. I suppose you could also use it to drive a single speakers from a 2-channel amp if for some reason it wasn't "bridgeable". I'd still run it in "mono" mode though, not "stereo"....


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