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    Received this email warning at work the other day, thought I'd share with everyone. here goes:

    A new virus/worm is on the loose. See information below:

    Becky Worley, Tech Live
    Jan. 27— Just when you thought it was safe to open e-mail again, the first serious computer virus outbreak of 2004 is ripping through the Internet at record pace.

    The new worm is called both myDoom, and Novarg. It's a variant of a familiar foe, the Mimail worm that wreaked havoc in 2003. Here are ways to identify the scourge.

    Don’t Open It

    Mydoom/Novarg affects Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. It spreads through e-mail, and security firm Central Command lists its characteristics as:

    Subject: Varies, but some observed subjects include: "Test" "test" and "Status"
    Body: Varies, but some observed body messages include: "The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment." "Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available." Or, "test."
    The e-mails also come with an attachment, the title of which also varies. Some observed attachments include the following:
    Once myDoom infects a computer, it also lists itself in any shared KaZaA files on your PC, disguised under the following names:
    icq2004-final activation_crack
    Bitter Over Linux?

    Much of the worm's code is encrypted, so security firms are working to determine what myDoom's payload contains.

    So far, however, Symantec is reporting that the worm may trigger a distributed denial of service attack aimed at SCO, a Utah software company embroiled in bitter legal disputes over ownership of Linux.

    SCO is claiming rights to specific code in the open source software, and the company says it has been targeted with denial of service attacks from disgruntled Linux supporters in the past. So far, it has never come as the result of an e-mail virus.
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    central IL has a whole article all about this on science page

    bootom line is to just keep on not opening attachment type email mesages or any titled returned message, etc.

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