Newbie here-Proper "lock-lock" steering adjustment???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 78k20, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Newbie here-Proper \"lock-lock\" steering adjustment???

    First off, I've been reading/searching this place for a month or so now, and wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone on here for such great information! Looks like a great group of people here with a TON of valuable info.

    Now, my wife and I bought our first "project" here a few months ago-a '78 K20 pickup for hunting/camping and towing smaller tailers, as well as light-moderate 'wheelin. A daily driver as well for my wife, as I commute some 70 miles one way! At any rate, I want to build it "tough", but do not need a full-on trail rig. The truck had a new paint, new 2" lift and new 35's when we bought it and I'm currently working on the steering as we speak. The problem-leaking gearbox, leaking pump, loose shaft, bent tie-rod and worn out ends, and bent steering stabilizer shaft. Also, horrible wandering on the highway-downright scary in any wind, and something "popping" under the front end while turning.

    So far, I have replaced the parts with an AGR SB2 gearbox, SuperPump and remote reservoir, Borgeson dual U-joint shaft assembly, ORD box brace, Rancho stabilizer, and Rockstomper Rock Rod. I'm still waiting for the rock rod to arrive, but in testing everything with the bent tie-rod, I found that the steering stops are not adjusted equally. Turning left, it has a very slight gap before contact, yet full lock to the right has nearly a 1/2" of gap! How do you properly adjust this? I've done a search here and checked the shop manuals with no luck on this. I want to make sure this is adjusted right, as I read somewhere with the new gearbox that if the steering is not adjusted properly lock-to-lock on the stops, then the gearbox can actually blow the end out. I don't mind spending money to get quality parts that will/should last, but being new, I REALLY don't want to spend twice the amount for some mistake I may have overlooked in the process. Any comments, suggestions or ideas??? Oh, while the tie-rod is bent, it is very slight and hard to notice unless you really look at it-could this be enough to cause the difference? At any rate, what is the proper adjusting procedure?

    Oh, and as far as that "popping" sound went-further inspection found the new 2" lift springs at all four corners to be VERY loose! I'm assuming the guy just used an air wrench to put them on, but forgot to tighten them or something. They looked/felt tight, but with a few quick turns of a wrench, I was able to get them down over 1/4" of actual thread! No more popping or vibrating now /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    Thanks Again for all the help thus-far, and sorry for the long-winded post. /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif


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