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    ihave several questions i hope somebody can help me with.1st im looking for the original engine compartment/fender reinforcement bars that came with my blazer(they tied in up by the fire wall). so if any body has them and wants to part with them let me know. next i want to install the original under hood lite and need to know exactly where to place it and what wires to use coming out of the fuse box,(anybody have pics?). next i have a rochester 4 barrel carb with serial # 7045228 tk and i need to know where i can get a swirl torque carb spacer that will definitely work with my carb (no interference with lower butterflies) i see different ones listed in summit and jegs but do not know which one for sure to get.
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    Welcome To CK5.
    Tip to help us help you. When your asking questions about your truck please include information about the truck thatps pertinate Like it's a 79 K5 350/TH350/NP 203 10b front and 12 b rear with 3.08 gears. A lot of us will put that information in our signature.
    Thanks for filling out your bio. In this case it had some information as to what truck you have. That works great for when you forget to tell us.
    For the brace...have no idea what you looking for. I have a 79 and a 75 and there are no braces that run from the fender to the fire wall. I have been under the hoods of a lot of K5's and GM trucks in junk yards and never run across anything like that.
    Don't know a thing about the swirl deal. My understanding is the texture of the intake runners do a pretty good job of mixing the air. I feel that anything that's in the intake that might slow the air flow is not going to net any gains but I've been wrong before.
    As for the under hood light. pretty rare option. I personaly have never seen one and my 79 is pretty optioned out. I have a 70 pontiac that has the option and GM being GM do things pretty close since they tend to use the same parts (switches, plugs) on just about everything. The hood lamp was mounted on it over the air cleaner. The switch was mounted about 4 inches off center to the driver side on the fire wall so that it was pressed by the thick part of the hood right in front of the peice of weather strip on the leading edge of the cowel. Look for some dimples in the metal. GM is pretty good about putting dimples for screws where option parts are to be installed. I had the original under hood pads in both my trucks and don't recall a cut out for one but wasn't really looking either when I yanked the filthy nasty things out and tossed them in the trash.

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    I think I've seen those braces once on a truck that used to have a plow...could be an aftermarket thing.


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