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    Well I put the new pump on and at first it looked good! Not now! I'm going to pull the motor this week and replace the bearings and cam, If i thought I could get the cam bearings in and out with out pull it I would but I'd just not out the plug in the back of the block. I checked the mains and the rods they looked fine but if I have to replace the cam bearings the I'm replacing all of them! I'm not going to pull the heads off just the pan and the TPI intake. Has any one tryed the 4x4 cams that comp is selling.
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    I haven't trying those cams you were talking about yet, but I would like to!

    What type of Pressure gauge are you running? I was told by a very reputable engine builder not to trust the stock gauges. He said to invest in some good gauges, like Auto Meter. That way you will have an accurate reading(unless you are like me who got a bum Auto Meter gauge the first time!)

    Also, did you check to make sure youdidn't konck the sending unit wire off?(no offense) I have done that before!!!

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