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    Sep 26, 2000
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    A few weeks ago, I had been asking some questions about a clunk, unbinding sorta sound when I came to a stop adn then let off the brakes. I got all kinds a replys, and I appreciate all the help. I never figured it out until a couple of days ago. I had installed a new driveshaft to get rid of my driveline vibration, and low and behold the clunking was gone. What had happend was that the ears on the aft end of the rear drive shaft were wollwed out, so new u-joints would not fit tightly, allowing the drive shaft to flop around a bit. So while braking in gear the driveshaft would tighen up all the way in one direction, then when I released the brakes it would then unbind and slam in the other direction.
    It is smoother than a babies A$$ now. Now I just have to get the u-joint angles to match and I'll be in Heaven.
    LAter, hope some one else can use this info.

    I miss my Ex, but my aim is getting better!
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    Cool beans, glad you figured it out!!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Wheelin!

    Mike [​IMG]
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