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    Instead of taking an English class this year I opted to take Mythology instead. It's not that I like the subject more but it breaks the monotony and I like the teacher, plus I'm in there w/ a ton of my friends.
    Anyways we had to write a poem that told the story of one of the short Norse Myths we have read. I put it off for a while but stayed up until 1:00 this morning doing this, tell me what you think...

    The Building of Asgard’s Wall

    The Aesir and Vanir had finished their war​
    And the wall of Asgard was standing no more​
    The God’s couldn’t wait and wanted it rebuilt​
    For if Asgard wasn’t safe there would only be guilt​
    No one would step up to the challenge at hand​
    Until a man on a horseback rode into the land​
    He was stopped by Heimdall, the rainbow watchman​
    Which is when the great negotiations finally began​
    The man was met by a slew of great Gods​
    Then he laid out his plan and checked out his odds​
    He demanded eighteen months and Freyja as his wife​
    Which cut into Odin like a mighty steak knife​
    Against his better judgment he agreed with the man​
    For he knew it was much too short of a span​
    The man asked for the companion of his great horse​
    For he knew he was capable of producing immense force​
    Loki is the one who convinced the Gods to agree​
    And babbled on and on like a scrolling marquee​
    Once again the gods did agree​
    Although they didn’t know that it was a terrible decree​
    The man started in on the task at hand​
    As sweat poured out of all of his glands​
    As the end of the man’s contract finally grew near​
    The Gods were in panic and knew this was severe​
    For the man was no joke and was working so fast​
    The God’s needed a plan that would fix up their past​
    They summoned back Loki the greatest trickster of all​
    For success was near and Loki would be the one to take the fall​
    Loki led a mare right to the man’s horse​
    Which quickly threw him right off his course​
    The man couldn’t finish and was sad inside​
    But he picked himself up to take hold of his pride​
    The Gods felt safe as the man had failed​
    They thought that they had finally prevailed​
    Little did they know the man was ticked​
    What happened next nobody could predict​
    The angry man burst open and was really a giant​
    And to the Gods horror he was not very compliant​
    To the rock giant’s horror the Gods summoned Thor​
    Who bore a mighty hammer and was waged for war​
    He took a mighty swing and with one mighty blow​
    Crushed the giant’s skull like it was only Play-Dough​
    Loki was not seen for a great deal of time​
    But finally returned to pay for his crime​
    He offered a gift to Odin the great​
    An eight-legged horse with some mighty good traits​
    Loki was sorry for misleading the gods​
    And was accepted back against all of the odds​

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    I think I saw that in the catalog. It used to be called "Principles and Theories of the Democratic Party" :haha:
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    :haha: :haha: :haha:

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