Not that I'm bragging.... Guess who's leaving for tellico in 3hrs!

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    Not that I\'m bragging.... Guess who\'s leaving for tellico in 3hrs!

    Hey folks,

    Well I'm leaving for tellico in about 3 hours. I've just got a PCS Briefing (I'm re-locating bases) then I'm off. The only bad thing is, I'm not taking the blazer. I'm hauling, get this... A JEEP!! UGH! My first time to tellico, and I'm riding (Female Dog). I guess JP (Jeep Power) is doing a photo shoot of the local club, and they are making their run up at tellico. Who knows, you may see me in a mag!

    Just thought I'd brag. I'll let you guys know how it goes, and may even beable to post some pic's when I get back.


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