Not the NEW ENGINE!?!!

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    Check this out...

    Last night on my way home on the highway, I was smelling some burning oil. Had the window down so thought it could be someone around me in traffic. I noticed my oil pressure guage was pegged around 60. Typical since the engine only has 'bout 1,000 miles on it and I was doing 80. I shifted into neutral and made sure it dropped. It did so I figured everything was okay, must be someone else.

    Then, suddenly, my steering tightened up, I could smell oil REAL bad. Looked in my side mirror and there was nothing but LOTS of white smoke coming from under the front of the truck and my rear window was suddenly covered in oil. I IMMEDIATELY got to the shoulder and figured for sure I had just blown my new engine! But, got it stopped and in neutral and revved the engine. It was still running (figured as the steering tightened the engine had died). Got out and popped the hood with it still running. Looked underneath and there was oil everywhere around the front driver's side of the motor and headers and frame and everything in that area. Looked under the hood and the side of the block was covered. Couldn't figure it out where it was coming from. Almost lopked like the timing seal, but the front of the engine was dry. I reached in and revved the throttle a little and saw the oil was shooting from the fitttings on my power steering pump!

    Whew! Not the engine. Oh well. The box had been leaking anyway. I figured it must have finally gone and the fluid wasn't circulating right. Figured the pump was putting out the pressure and just spewing the excess out of the fitting. My answer was to cut off the belts so I could man handle it home (about 10 miles) and deal with it there.

    A nice guy and his wife finally stopped (after probably 200 cars had passed me). He had a pocket knife and started to cut the belt. As soon as he did, I noticed the pump line move. The damn fitting was LOOSE! I guess all the moving around of the pump during the engine install had loosened it a bit. And the vibrations of the engine finally caused it to come all the way loose! Well, we tightened it up, limped to a gas station to get more fluid, and was on my way back home.

    Whew!! I thought for sure I had blown the damn thing or something! Oil on the back window and nothing but white smoke everywhere usually isn't a good sign!

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    Man, glad to hear it wasn' t the new engine! [​IMG] Nothing worse than watching a new engine blow... [​IMG]

    Did you slap the power steering pump aroud a little, and tell it never to scare you like that again?!!! [​IMG]

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    Dang! I read the subject and said, "NOOOOO!!!"

    I'm glad your power steering pump was just 'funnin ya'. lol!

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