NP205 1-ton rear output yoke (fixed)

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    a few weeks ago I was at the parts counter and I asked the lady to look up the yoke for a '77 1-ton SM465 equipped NP205.. she gave me the part number 6259081 and the hefty price of $86.46... well I went to and it says I can get it for HALF that.. another good website is for finding parts (all makes) but they dont give prices..

    anyways I have a 205 case that was mated to a SM465 that Im gonna hook up to my th350 some day.. and I wanna run the beef u-joints all around (got em on the rear 14FF already).. as soon as I get the advanceadapters th350->10splineNP205 adapter, Ill be set :)

    just thought Id share.

    thanks to TX_MUDDER for some xlnt information

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