NP205 pops out of gear...

Discussion in '1936-Present Suburban' started by Ddragggon, Feb 8, 2004.

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    well, things have been allright after the engine swap with 1 glaring exception: my NP205 now launches itself out of gear, and it's getting progressively worse over time. I've consulted with Doctor4x4, and he's said it's probably because I didn't reposition the crossmember after installing the 454. important pro tip for anyone who wants a 454 in your truck: its 1 1/2 inches longer, which is enough to throw the transfer case off at an odd angle, and put some high stress on the transmission joint, with the limited probablilty of something serious breaking. I think I may have toasted the entire case, he thinks I may only need new bearings and seals. I'm really hoping it's the bearings and seals, as I can't afford a case right now per se...

    at anyrate, figgured a heads up was in order for anyone who wanted to do the swap. for anyone who crowes `how could you miss 1.500 inches!!?!??" look at the way I installed the engine: a fork lift. with that kind of power to help persuade 900 Lbs of iron to move at your will is enough to push anything out of the way, including a pussy transfer case, mounted on rubber bushings, to a "thin sheetmetal" frame.

    going to spend the next few days drilling new holes for the crossmembers, and etc, which brings up the question: anyone local to the 909 area, near fontana have a floor jack I can borrow? forklifts don't really help much for undervehicle applications, with exception of building a heavy wood beam frame up, lifting the truck up, and suspending the case and cross member on that, losen the bolts, and then lift the truck up, then let it back down in the new proper placement for the T case, and then drill the holes out to match...


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