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Obama caves to Enviormental Groups

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Nov 18, 2004
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North Idaho!
If you don't think Environmental groups can get things done there way without any input from publis or congress? Look at this!

They win, we loose!


Rio Grande del Norte | © Marissa Bracke
Help us thank President Obama for protecting wildlands!
This is a big, monumental deal.
President Obama just designated the Rio Grande del Norte in northern New Mexico as a national monument. America’s new national monument holds roughly 240,000 acres of critical wildlife habitat, exceptional outdoor recreation areas, and a vital source of water for New Mexico.
He also protected Bureau of Land Management lands in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, and three other American treasures as national monuments in Maryland (Harriet Tubman historic site), Ohio (Charles Young House), and several Delaware historical sites.
By using the Antiquities Act to designate the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, President Obama has taken an important step forward to protecting our remaining wild places. Over the past several years, you have written to your elected officials and President Obama asking them to protect Rio Grande del Norte as a national monument.
Now, thanks to support from conservation champions in Congress, future generations will be able to enjoy this part of America’s natural heritage.
Please help us thank President Obama and conservation champions in Congress for protecting Rio Grande del Norte, the public lands in the San Juan Islands and other places that celebrate the full diversity of America’s natural and cultural heritage.
The Wilderness Society
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