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    I won't bother posting them lol.

    Basically, the OD Powermaster alt pulley (part #111, single V-belt) after swapping it onto my 78 amp "stock" (for a Monte Carlo) alternator, did nothing for low end output.

    Its definitely smaller, but apparently not enough. I tested at 550RPM's (forgot to bump it up some and check, too excited at first I guess) and the stock pulley vs the powermaster were within 4 tenths of a volt of each other, under load or not. (Heater on high, headlights on) At idle, I'm putting out about 13V, and under load, about 12.7 Good enough in all actuality to keep the battery charging, but the dimming of the lights at idle compared to cruise is noticeable.

    So, my personal experience is that it doesn't help much, if any. Perhaps if your idle is a bit higher (say 650-750) and you have problems with output, it might help. But since my idle is 550, and it didn't help, I don't need it.

    It does away with the spacer under the stock alt pulley.

    Anyone wanting to try this pulley I'd be more than happy to send it to you for $9. ($2 savings! lol) Really though, for the price, it doesn't hurt to try. Like I said, I have a feeling people that run a bit higher idle RPM would likely notice a bigger difference.

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