odd steering column break

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    I'm not sure how many people have had a column this far apart before but...

    There is a piece of cast metal that goes between the wheel that the lock cylinder rotates and the rod that goes to the ignition switch. That piece of metal in my steering column broke. I have another column that I can take that part out of but I can't figure out how to get it out without destroying the column.

    Anybody have some insight on how to get it apart?
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    Feb 6, 2003
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    If your talking about the thing with the gear on it, they sell kits to fix that at autoparts stores..
    It is trickey and a pain in the butt, particularly with a tilt wheel...
    If its a tilt wheel, there are two pivots on eithe side.. look like plugs with small screw holes in them, need a puller, or to make a puller to get out..

    before doing that, ..take teh turnsignal switch out..

    unhook the connector from the bracket at the lower part of the column under the dash for some slack in the wires.. you don't have to take it all teh way out...

    Take the retaining screw out of the ignition switch.. pull the switch out.. take needle nose pliers and see if the shaft at the bottom of the hole will come out..pull it out...

    there is a 1/2in steel plug.. the plug has a square hole in it.. tilt the coulumn all the way up, put a screwdriver that won't go all the way into the hole in the hole and push, turn the plug counter clockwise about 1/8 turn and you will get spring pressure pushing it toward you.. take it and the spring out..

    release the lever on the steering wheel, lower it straight... unscrew the lever.. take out the pivot pins on eithe side..

    take the upper collar off...watch y9ou don't mess up or lose the little ball bearings at the top and bottom of the steering shaft...

    There is a small screw retaining a spring that control both the "steering wheel lock" take the screw out..remember exactly how it goes..

    Pull the gear out, and remove the alum slider...

    The hardest part is getting the "lock-plate" off the end of the steering shaft.. need some kind of compressor, held on with a wire ring.. and getting the pivot pins out...
    The non tilt wheel is simpler..you don't need the pivot pin puller but you will still need a "lock-plate" puller...

    loosen the wires,

    pull the t/s switch..
    pull the screw and the ignition switch,
    remove the screws holding the collar to the column...
    the rest is the same...

    sorry about the typing errors, I am tired and going to bed.. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/truck.gif

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