Off Road Expo.....OUTSTANDING

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Oct 5, 2002.

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    Just rolled in from the Expo, holy cow I'm tired!!! Got there right at 9, when the doors opened and I guess I wasn't one of the first 500 to get the free weekend in Laughlin /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif. Anway, took two rolls of film, wasn't near enough. Took some shots of disco trucks, some tech photos and some tube bender pics; one just to oogle and another that may give some people ideas. Saw the TubeShark, that thing is wild. Saw this water jet thingy that was chewing up metal like tomorrow; got a possible club donation (another post ), and for those of you that are wondering, RyanB, y'all have to go over to the Non4x4 forum to read about it. Got a crapload of stuff from vendors, probably take a fews days to read since I'm wasting drinking time telling y'all this stuff. I'll get the pics back sometime this upcoming week and I'll post them.

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