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OFF-Road Greasable Bushings Question

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by gassman, Oct 24, 2000.

  1. gassman

    gassman 1/2 ton status

    Jul 12, 2000
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    Quincy Cailf, Plumas County
    OK, just got my OFF-ROAD Design greasable bushing kit for my front and back. Have not installed my suspension from BDS suspension because I have been waiting for my goodies from OFF-ROAD and HILL. Question to you all is can I grove my BDS urethane bushings or should I use the ones that OFF-ROAD gave me. I like the Blue bushings that BDS has in their kit. What do you all think. Are the OFF-ROAD bushings difference besides their groves for the grease or ????
  2. FWP

    FWP CRS Premium Member

    Oct 11, 2000
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    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Use the ones that came with ORD. You paid for em, designed for it. Color will get dirty with grease and dirt anyhow.

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