off-roading in Wiltshire UK (pics)

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    Thanks for the advice to those that replied....I have uploaded a few pics of the Blazer on a day out we had a month or so ago to

    In England, the off-road trails are called green-lanes, and there is the same controversy about about allowing vehicles on them as there is in the US.

    It really depends where you live, for example I live in the County of Dorset , and there is literally 2 miles (!!!) of trails here. This is down to the the local government taking the decision a number of years ago to simply close all tralls to vehicles. Wiltshire, a county just north of me, on the other hands has hundreds of miles of trails, some over Salisbury Plain which is an army training area, so you sometimes have to give the tanks right of way (they do weigh 25tons though...)

    Anyway, the pics are here:

    I apologise for not knowing enoug about html to make the link clickable!

    Hope you like the pics...


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