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    Saturday, May 25, 2002
    Prisoners Escape as Jailers Chase Rabbit

    KAMPALA (Reuters) - Thirty-one Ugandan prison inmates
    escaped when their guards ran off to chase a rabbit, a
    newspaper said on Friday.

    The prisoners were digging in a garden near their prison in
    northeastern Uganda when a rabbit shot out of a nearby bush.
    All five guards set off in pursuit.

    "While they were chasing the rabbit, the inmates also took
    off in the opposite direction," Lieutenant Colonel John
    Mulindwa told the state-owned New Vision newspaper.

    Mulindwa, currently leading a drive to disarm Karimojong
    warriors in the area, said 10 of the prisoners had been
    convicted earlier this year of illegal gun possession. The
    remainder were awaiting trial on the same charge.

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