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    Trying to track down a leak maybe you guys can give me some insight. On mechanical pump does the oil actually get into the fuil pump mechanism. Reason I ask is I have an oil leak and it seems to be coming from the motor mount around after pressure washing and running it then looking I found it dripping on the front part of the bolt that holds the two motor mount pieces together and oil running down my D44 (serious leak 1qt a weak) I can't see any oil coming from heads, a little wet around oil pan gasket but is there enough pressure in there to shoot it out onto the motor mount/fuel pump area? I also have a oil build up on top of the fuel pump where the two peices are stamped together, so if oil is allowed to get inside the mechanism of the fuel pump I may be get it pushed out around this . Anybody have any insights? Also the block is dry about motor mount and around fuel pump mount.

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