ok guys help me out on this one!

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    First I would like to say thank you to all of you who have come together and made this web site the coolest that there is I am getting a great deal of information here and hope to keep seeing more. Now, my problem is that I have a 78k5 but I had to replace the pass. bed side with a 79k5. As you know my 78 came with the gas tank nozzle that mounted to the outside of the bed. On the 79 it mounts behind a door, does anyone know where(other than a junkyard,dealer tried both already) I can find a the bracket that mounts behind the door and holds the gas filler hole??? Please if you do or have one drop me a line, that is the only thing keeping my k5 off the road, and not off the road in a good way either!!!!!!!!!

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