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Ok here's what I have care to help?


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Feb 9, 2003
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Ok here\'s what I have care to help?

I currently have a Pheonix Gold XS4300 amp rated at 350w and two dual voice coil 10" soundstream SPL subs. ...I can't remember the wattage of the SPL's though.

The system came from my T-Bird and is about 4 years old. I had the subs wired at 4ohms (they can be set at 2,4, or 8) I had a top end eclipse deck, and the amp ran the subs as well as my two 6x9's. The deck ran my tweets. I was really happy with this set-up although my midrange was a little lacking the sound quality of everything else made up for it.

Ok now the deck is gone. I sold it because it skipped to easy, didn't have mp3 and I just didn't want it in my truck. I also sold the 6x9's with the deck as a package deal.

Anyways I would like to install my system in my truck. I need to know where a good place to put everything would be, how many ohms you would run the system at, and how the wiring should be ran if I have no carpet to hide it

I will be running 5-6months of the year with no top on as well. Also I listen every type of music from classical to rap to heavy metal etc. so I need a well balanced sound.

I have been thinking that the deck (when acquired) will have a flip up locking cover that can be used when I am not in the vehicle to protect that. I am not to sure where to put 6x9's but the tweets will probably go in the stock door mounts. I was thinking for the subs that a custom box could be built to fit "around" the wheel wells with a port facing towards the dash. I would have to remove the armrests from the bench seat but the box would be used instead. I could even have cup holders built into the box/armrests /forums/images/graemlins/thinking.gif /forums/images/graemlins/waytogo.gif Anyways I was then thinking to cover the boxes in bedliner to blend in with the rest of the floor and have them bolted in through the floor. This would help to prevent theft.

The amp I was thinking possibly putting behind the panels in the back but I was a little concerned with overheating. It gets quite warm here in the summer. (Think AZ desert heat)

Well thats about it. I would really appreciate any help or insight you guys can provide for me. Nothing is set in stone, these are just my ideas that might or might not work.

Oh and there is a guy that lives here that designs sub boxes better than any I have ever seen. He was contracted by a couple of the big name companies to design their boxes for them. He can make anything work as far as they go for a price.

And go easy on the tech talk, it has been a while since I was into stereo stuff so I forget a lot of it. /forums/images/graemlins/deal.gif /forums/images/graemlins/1zhelp.gif

Sorry for the length
Thnx guys


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Mar 5, 2001
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Re: Ok here\'s what I have care to help?


A couple of quick ideas:

Amps behind side panels will probably work fine. Instead of using solid panels to cover them, use perforated or expanded metal and carpet it. You can vent a lot more heat that way. Worked pretty slick for my own side-mounted amps and might work just as well for you.

Cables: For you "no carpet / line-x" folks, try running the wires in metal conduit underneath the truck. You canbring them up into the cab behind the side panels for the amps/subs and run them up under the footwell/dash area to get them to the dash. Make the conduit waterproof (seal it, or leave it a few inches above the floor so standing water doesn't drain into it)
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