Ok I read the old posts, but new questions bout gauges!

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    All the gauges in my K5 are non functioning and some just have lights that come on instead of actual readouts. What I plan on doing is designing and installing a complete Stainless Steel dash plate with the proper holes for the gauges I decide on. That's not the hard part. I don't know anything about gauges. Mechanical, electrical, how do each work? I'd like to know the die hard factual information first, then go with opinions and people's experiences. Which are the most reliable in everybody's opinion? It seems that electrical are more expensive. What do you need besides the gauge? Sending units do what and how hard are they to install? What else? Do electrical gauges connect to the battery, and mechanical to ______???? I'm way outta water here, thanks for any and all info, opinions etc.


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    First I hate it when nobody even tells me I don't know, I'd rather have that than no reply at all.
    Now abut the gages, Oil pressure gages, and temp. gages are about the only gages that I know about that can be manual. In both cases I think that manual gages are more reliable than electric because with electric gages sending units can go bad, if the ground wires get corroded or loosen over time you can get erratic readings etc.
    AMP, and volt gages are fine if they're electric, you're dealing with electric... hook the amg gage inline between the battery and alternator using at least 8 gage wire, hook the volt gage to the output of the alternator so you know what it's puting out, not what the battery says it has.
    If you want to hook up a transmission gage, perma cool makes an ok electric I think that is about the cheapest on the market and well worth the transmission insurance.
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