Olie & Lena *JOKE*

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    >Olie took Lena home with him and took off his
    >shirt. Lena says, "Olie, dat's some chest you
    >have dare. Olie says, "Lena, dat's a hunnert seventy
    >pounds of dynamite."
    >Next he took off his pants.
    >Lena says, "Olie, dat's nice calves you have dare."
    >Olie says, " Lena, dat's a hunnert seventy
    >pounds of dynamite."
    >Olie quickly reached down and pulled off his underpants.
    >Lena screamed and ran out the door.
    >Olie put his clothes back on and ran after her.
    >Catching her Olie said, "Lena, viy did you run out like dat?"
    >Lena said, "Vith all dat dynamite around, I taught
    >it vas going to explode ven I saw how short da fuse vas!!!!

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