Once again, brighter headlights. Two system.

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    I have searched this site on making my headlights brighter but the info is for a four headlight system. What about the 2 headlight system? Any ideas? Anyone done it? If so, diagrams please. Thanks!
  2. unsane

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    how about a putting a four headlight system on your 84?
  3. HarryH3

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    May 31, 2000
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    It's the same idea for a 2-lamp system. Install one relay on the low beam circuit and one on the high beam circuit. Power for the lights would then come directly from the battery, instead of being routed from the battery, through the connectors on the fuse block, through the circuit breaker, through the through the headlight switch, through the connector on the back of the headlight switch, back through the firewall and finally to the headlights. You can lose 1 to 3 volts through that maze as the connections age.
  4. hammer

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    switch to the 4 headlight system. I did on my 84 and love it got a couple pix if you like in my profile

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