One of those days (700r4/241 to th400/241 SYE)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wayne, May 24, 2003.

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    Anybody ever have one of "those days". Well it started ok but stedily went to crap. Picked up the new trans and headed home. Get home and go to install SYE in t case so I can start putting it together. Well all is going good, swapped in new input shaft (converting from 700r4/241 to th400/241) got the case sitting in pieces. Well I start removing everything from the output shaft to put on my new SYE shaft and it is the wrong shaft. The center hub that the gears ride on for shifting into 4 wheel drive will not go on. Compare the 2 shafts and the new one is thicker in that area. /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif Well call Jess at Highangle and of corse I get no answer on a holiday weekeng. So I wound up slapping the case back together. I'm not pissed at Jess since there should not be any problem getting it taken care of next week. Well I was already pissed and figured I would remove the old trans. The only thing holding it in yet is the dipstick tube got hung up on the back of the engine so I have to take it out. Well before doing that I decide to check my 400/208 adapter to make sure it is going to work on the origional crossmember. Well as luck would have it I'm screwed again. All pissed off I pack it up for the day and I'm about ready to take a hammer to the truck to take out fustrations. Anyhow I might be looking for parts from a CUCV K5. I might need the adapter and crossmember. I might have the correct adapter but it is taller then the one off the 700r4 combo and the rubber mount holes are not even close. Anybody that has an idea on what I need or what to do let me know.

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