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    Son of a….

    Ok… I was able to deal with the rear axle going out…it happens… The incident where it caught fire because of my own carelessness, sure…
    But not this…
    On Tuesday morning, my girlfriend left for work, then came back about 2 minutes later saying “You gotta get dressed and come outside…someone broke into the K5.”
    I get outside, and the driver’s side window is no more. Pisses me off because the tailgate window was unlocked. They took a cheap Pep Boys ghetto speaker box, my Minidisc player, the amp… Worst of all–they took all my tools.
    I had one of those big green military ammo cans with all my wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers in there. Not now.
    I mentioned to my girlfriend (a self-admitted city-fied girl) that I don’t feel safe living in Midtown (Buckhead) Atlanta. I’ve always lived in subdivisions and out in the country. Now I know that theft can and does happen anywhere…but this has never been a problem anywhere else I’ve ever lived. That morning she said that after this she wouldn’t mind moving somewhere less populated.
    Personally…I’m going to put my computer-geek skills to good use. I plan to install a “silent” alarm. That is–an alarm that’ll alert me inside the apartment, and not make an audible noise from the truck.
    And if any of those sons-a-bitches decides to jump the fence and into the property, and try that **** again, they may be staring down the barrel of a Uberti .45.
    On a good note, I had planned on replacing all my hand tools with Craftsmans, or something of similar quality and with an equally good warranty. Last night we hit Sears and I walked out with a new 155pc tool set. It’s got all the wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers that were stolen. Nice hard plastic carrying case too…
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