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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Drey, Apr 9, 2007.

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    ever since I got my Class A CDL(Semi License) that there are some really shatty drivers out there. Today Im going down the road 55 MPH. I have no reason to speed in a company vehicle. 1 it goes on my file and 2 I get paid by the hour:wink1: .

    Anyway Im beboping along. Notice a car riding my bumper. I think if hes in that big of a hurry he'll pass me and I keep going alot. Notice another car come flying up on him about a half mile later. At this point there is another Semi coming towards me in the west bound lane(im eastbound)

    The second car behind me whips out around the first car and decides its gonna overtake me too. I dropped a gear, hit the brakes and threw the Jake and 6, about the quickest Ive ever done. I thank god the tanker I was pulling was empty

    I noticed the other truck locked his brakes up, but I couldnt talk to him afterwords(no CBs just business bands in company trucks).

    This car was lucky and I hope the driver will pass with alot more caution next time, although Im guessing they wont.:crazy:

    I just needed to rant a bit fellers. What are you feelings on this type of thing.

    Also im no saint in my personal vehicle. I tend to speed alot but I take extra care when overtaking people and in heavy traffic.
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    Thats some scary sh!t. Very good on your part to be paying that much attention. I had a jeep try and over take 3 vechicles, then me. He didnt make it. A tractor was coming head on. He whipped it into a ditch luckily and didnt hit anything.

    When I overtake someone I use EXTREME caution. Idk how some idiots survive:crazy:
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    NE Wyoming
    Ain't it fun driving a commercial vehicle:wink1: I'm so tired of this kind of crap its not funny. But the best part is when they flip me off for obeying the law. But hey I like taking pictures of stupid people and bent cars....
    and no I have no pictures to share

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