Operation broken longside

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CyberSniper, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Went wheelin' around Mohawk/Copper City.

    Got in a hole that had some traction in the bottom. Felt kind of like rock/gravel. Probably our favorite friend Basalt which is visible all over the area. Took a while before I finally started getting fuel that didn't boil as soon as it left pressure.

    Didn't make any headway going back and forth so I tried to get it to cross up in the ruts so the TSLs could use some side bite to try to cut a new path. That didn't work so I decided that I'd try to back out. Nothing had broken yet but she kept exceeding six grand and grabbing second gear. I don't remember when she let go but I noticed when in reverse that I was now only shooting one roostertail forwards. Orrin pulled me out backwards.

    By the time I ran it out the trail in 3wd intermittently the upper balljoint had seen a couple hard hits despite my copilot being persuaded to lock the passenger hub in at every difficult spot. Also ended up with a lot of dirt in the spindle bearing (ruined) and it had slowly made its way around the end of the spindle and up into the outer wheelbearing.

    Also, driving your truck around for 3 weeks with unbalanced TSLs and intermittent death wobble will waste balljoints.

    Moral of the story: a 305 and 33s unfortunately can break shafts.


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