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    I was wondering what other 'cases I can use for GM. Like an NP 208 or 241. And if there is a way to use a 4L80. I don't have anything yet. This is the project:1977 Scout SS, 100" wb, will have a GM 5.7L TBI or Vortec depending what my connections are. Telephone poles are my barter, and that's how I'll get the drive train. 4L60? 4L80? don't know yet.Exploring what to get still
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    At this point we're only set up to hook up the GM or Ford 205, and the Atlas, but doing a 32 spline 208 or 241 might also be possible with minimal mods. Really with your wheelbase, you don't have room to do much other than a 205, and you might consider sticking with a Th350 for the shorter length. We do have customers that have put a Doubler behind a 4L80, so it does work, but it's a really long trans.

    Telephone Poles? I perk a little here because my Dad has a thing for telephone poles, he's had some plans for building a potato cellar/ shed using the poles for the roof. He may still want some, we'll see. Where are you?

  2. I live in Modesto, CA...I'm trading poles for the engine, trans, x-fer case, and some labor. We're getting about 50 poles within the next week to clear P.U.C. records.
    Thanks for the input on the options!


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