ORD's Eyelet Bushings and Shackle kit

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    ORD\'s Eyelet Bushings and Shackle kit

    I purchased ORD's front eyelet kit with the greasable bolts for my 85 K-10 w/ 4" Lift. I also purchased the HD shackle kit. Well I must say ORD is the best. I had my parts when promised in 2 days. Well I made a mistake when I measured the eyelets of the front springs. It has a lift kit in it and I do not know who makes the lift. I just purchased this truck. Well they looked like 1.5" eyelets and they were 1.125". So I was stressing cause there was a snow strorm coming and I did not even have my Fisher plow frame (push plates and even pump) on this truck yet. I still had to remove an old Meyer frame that the clown before me welded to the frame of the truck. So what I did to get the 1.5" to fit in the 1.125" eyelets was take the bushings and turn them down on my mini-lathe I have in my basement. The bushings are hard durometer and turned down pretty well. It took a long time to turn all 4 bushings down though. So once I got them turned down they
    fit nicely. I did not even put the shackle kit in yet. I am still working on the plow. My Father welded some nice plate where the front push plates hang at the frame to make it stonger. Also we gusseted and fabbed a new hyd. pump mount so the belt will be driven from the extra pulley from the
    p/s pump. So if you are ever in a jam with the wrong size bushing like I was take it to a lathe and you will be all set. Good thing I have a lathe. Now it is time to get a milling machine so I can really start playing.
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    Re: ORD\'s Eyelet Bushings and Shackle kit

    Good thinking. Wish I had one.
    I've cut/sanded and genneraly destroyed any rubber or poly bushings I've tried to change.
    I'll keep the lathe thing in-mind. (got a buddy with almost a full machine shop in his garage)

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