ORD's Eyelet bushings...wrong size, my bad,... solution>>

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by TJS, Jan 8, 2002.

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    ORD\'s Eyelet bushings...wrong size, my bad,... solution>>

    I purchased ORD's front eyelet kit with the greasable bolts for my 85 K-10 w/ 4" Lift. I also purchased the HD shackle kit. Well I must say ORD is the best. I had my parts when promised in 2 days. Well I made a mistake when I measured the eyelets of the front springs. It has a lift kit in it and I do not know who makes the lift. I just purchased this truck. Well they looked like 1.5" eyelets and they were 1.125". So I was stressing cause there was a snow strorm coming and I did not even have my Fisher plow frame (push plates and even pump) on this truck yet. I still had to remove an old Meyer frame that the clown before me welded to the frame of the truck. So what I did to get the 1.5" to fit in the 1.125" eyelets was take the bushings and turn them down on my mini-lathe I have in my basement. The bushings are hard durometer and turned down pretty well. It took a long time to turn all 4 bushings down though. So once I got them turned down they
    fit nicely. I did not even put the shackle kit in yet. I am still working on the plow. My Father welded some nice plate where the front push plates hang at the frame to make it stonger. Also we gusseted and fabbed a new hyd. pump mount so the belt will be driven from the extra pulley from the
    p/s pump. So if you are ever in a jam with the wrong size bushing like I was take it to a lathe and you will be all set. Good thing I have a lathe. Now it is time to get a milling machine so I can really start playing.
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    Re: ORD\'s Eyelet bushings...wrong size, my bad,... solution>>


    Steve at ORD gave me simliar advice when I discovered that the "spring eyes" on my leafsprings weren't entirely ROUND....slightly oval actually. It as making the bushing really hard to install and was creating obvious distortion in the hole where the steel sleeve was going to have to go.

    He said to just carefully remove material from the bushing with a grinder until it fit better (don't overdo it and make it SLOPPY!) so that's what I did. The bushings fit great and now there's no binding in the suspension....a MUCH better and softer ride!!! [​IMG]


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    Re: ORD\'s Eyelet bushings...wrong size, my bad,... solution>>

    We've done some kind of strange things with bushings in a lathe or benchgrinder. They work like most materials, you can sand, grind, etc if they don't work just right for what you want. Just don't get them too hot unless you want to glue stuff to them.

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