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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Super_S, Oct 22, 2002.

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    Stephen- I know you sell input and output shafts for the 205 so I thought I would try you on this one. I'm looking for a TH350 to (GM)NP205 adapter, the figure 8 pattern. Is that something you would have and if so what's it going to cost me.

    I have one more tech question too. The 205 I have in my truck right now came off of a 80' with a TH400 that had a 6 (TH400) to 4 bolt (TH350) adapter on it and I guess they swapped the output shaft out of the 400 for a 27 spline one as it bolted right to my TH350. I know your running a 700r4 which is 27 spline, (unless you changed it) so do you feel this is adequit for a 8000lbs mud truck. Thanks
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    We can get the factory adapters, but they're new and cost about $380.00 if I remember right. If you're still interested, let me know and I can price is a little closer but I know it was over $350.00.
    The 27 spline shaft isn't terrible but I'd start looking into upgrading it at some point to the standard TH400 32 spline. You can use the same adapter housing and all, just change out the t-case input gear and the trans output shaft, then machine the adapter housing for the larger input bearing on the 205.
    I think I can get away with the TH700 because I run at higher altitudes most of the time (5K feet or so, sometimes as much as twice that) and I have a lot of gear reduction past the tranny so it doesn't get worked very hard most of the time. In a mud racer, you're going to be a little harder on the output shaft since you probably run with minimal reduction past the trans, at least comparatively.

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