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    We had a huge Play Day. Just shy of 100 trucks there and 200>spectators. I have a partial Day report and photo links I would like to
    >share with everyone since some members here were there.
    >Here it is:
    >Links to photos:
    >Please keep in mind its not available anytime someone feels like going over
    >there. We need to know a ahead of time and we can call and ask.
    >2nd Doug and Greg. They mucked it out, built the courses and did the cat
    >work and signs, and most of all kept it fun. I helped a little but it was
    >ther doing.
    >3rd The Volunteers Wow did they do a killer job.
    >Troy(My cousin) Pit Crew (WE)
    >Brenda (redneckswif)
    >Joyce (Sarrsipius Ark's spouse)<--I know I butchered this name sorry.
    >And yes our time keeper Charles Foulks (chasone64)
    >Aaron Eugene Chapter Video, pics, and support
    >A Eugene Member who had lots of camera and lierally was all in black with
    >camera hanging off of him with Aaron total brain fart right now. footage,
    >video, 35mm, support
    >Josh (Chapter Pres Wa) (Chevyduty)Video photos and keeping order.
    >Rebecca (Chevydutysgirl) photos, support
    >Scott (Scooter) Keeping the peace, support, photos all around good mood guy
    >Melissa (sierra 1500) killer signs, footage, and support and just being cute
    >when the times got hectic.
    >Shannon(mudhog)(treasurer) shot some professinal footage for sale soon for
    >10.00 for vhs or or vcd. Contact mudhog here.
    >Thank Corner Saloon for catering it, and golf course for the pop and chips.
    >and last but not elst my Wife Diana, she made and designed the really nice
    >prizes (T-shirts) we gave out.
    >I wish I could have played cam early but ther were already 15 trucks there
    >at 8am and no announcer. I have never done it before so I did it. Anything
    >for the club. im still counting sheets people signed im at like 125 and
    >someone came up to me and started counting trucks last count was over 80
    >when a huge convoy rolled in to play. im thinking at peak counting some
    >people who just paid played a bit and left just under 100 trucks.
    >next time will be more organized and ill get to play. although it wasnt
    >totally bust for me. Just before the last 5 trucks were washed We heard Jeff
    >Millers blazer explode on the road about a mile away. He lost is 12 bolt in
    >the gathering then his dana44 exploded on the way. I had to go tow him to my
    >house and park it in my shed and then take him home to Aloha. If I get some
    >time I will pressure wash it and see what is broken.
    >List of carnage:
    >ubolts many
    >spun main bearing
    >flattened cam
    >exhaust hangers
    >power steering pumps
    >broken tail lights
    >leaf springs
    >coil springs
    >exhaust systems
    >couple bent rims
    >transfer cases
    >twisted frame
    >crushed lift blocks
    twisted frames
    >oh yes and last but not least a truck fire in the bogs.
    >Play Day Report:
    >Event Report for 2/28/04 at the Private Property.
    >First of all it was great. It started off really early. I think. Greg(GMC
    >Greg) and Doug(Redneck) and Brenda(Redbeckswif) were there like 7:00am
    >putting up the nice signs and marking everything out. I rolled up with my
    >cousin(we) at 8:00 am iced coffee in hand right behind Charles(Charles
    >Foulks). I kind of startled him because I saw him at the stop sign and
    >slammed the accelerator and came up on him really fast. To add to the
    >confusion I popped on my emergency strobes. WE slowed down a bit but im
    >pretty sure he knew it was me. We both pulled in and already there were like
    >15 trucks parked in the tug of war area. Yeah that's right 15 trucks at 8
    >am. There eyes were wide and they were jonesd to sign up. He he funny thing
    >the sign up area isn't even put up yet.
    >As out of the corner of my eye Greg is just buzzing all over the place.
    >Doing this fixing that getting this. Doug is inspecting the play area and
    >starting to formulate ideas to make this work. Well we needed to start
    >signing people up. So once we got the sign up book out and the money dialed
    >in and stickers for the truck we were ready. At 8:30 the volunteers showed
    >up and were pumped. We assigned duties for the play area. Happy to lead at
    >the gate and jockeyed everyone in. Doug made sure everything was going
    >smoothly. I turned to Charles and asked him if he wanted to be reallllllly
    >important today. He was the time keeper. A few more trucks showed up and
    >pulled in back. Washington was running about an hour late trying to meet
    >everyone and keep the convoy together. A few spectators showed and then an
    >awesome spectacle. Washington is HERE as this huge convoy of club members
    >showed up and pulled in at once. It was cool. With the cars trucks they
    >picked up following them in from Wilsonville it was like over 10 at once.
    >They walked over and we started putting together all the shots and video.
    >Gave them maps where the best place was to take pictures. Melissa was pumped
    >she made cool signs for the mud bog. I think it was "Easy Out" and " Your
    >F$^$d " or something for the deeper part of the 1st bog. Just after them was
    >a HUGE convoy of Greg's Friends. The Keller bothers and their monster Ford
    >pick ups some trailered some driven. Behind them was some guys from
    >Milwaukie plumbing I met on the build day of the property and their 1st gen
    >Chevy Blazers . One thing you need to know about the Kellers is they have
    >been building these tube framed cut boggered BBF's for years and every time
    >the weather was yucky to play in their truck was broke and as soon as the
    >truck was ready the weather was boring so this was an event that I think was
    >pretty dear to them as all the hard work they have done for so many years
    >will pay off on a day that is perfect for play.
    >After they rolled in and about 10 or so other trucks they paid and we
    >started the driver meeting. Um there was suppose to be an announcer but he
    >didn't show so I decided I just will not play today and do the announcing. I
    >have never done it before so I thought I would give it a go. I wasn't the
    >only one who sacrificed Redneck didn't play, Greg didn't play neither did I.
    >Aaron from Eugene couldn't play as he was shooting lots of footage for us.
    >Driver meeting went quick and their were no questions which was odd? With
    >that out of the way we started explaining the mud bog 1 to everyone and then
    >started the event. As I peered out into the field I noticed something. A
    >JEEP? And a sand rail. I asked Doug and Greg who they were and they were
    >friends of friends cousins brother buddies and well you know what we are
    >here for fun so lets let them play. Everyone said it was cool and we started
    >the bogs.
    >Mud Bog 1:
    >First up in the bogs was Mike Keller in the BBF. He was staged and he was
    >off. He blasted down the first part of the bog but see at the end is a sharp
    >right corner into the second bog. You have to go through both of them to
    >make it count. As he came up on the end of the first, he nailed his brakes
    >but it wasn't enough hand almost went sailing out of the bog side ways. He
    >backed down and blasted through the other side. The First time was 16.53
    >seconds. His Brother though edged him out with a shattering 11.25 seconds.
    >Pretty great times then Roger Gray ran a 11.06 . Least we thought until the
    >sand rail ran the fastest time. It just floated on the mud. He Blasted the
    >pit at 7.36 seconds. Everyone was scratching their heads knowing that is a
    >nearly untouchable time. The nimble rail just floated over everything.. As
    >Trystan and Jason Gray staged, Callen Meyers in his 6cyl mild tires ford
    >F-150 pulled in line. Trystans Blazer did a 15.67 run and right behind him
    >Jason Gray with a 9.36 Blaster in his SB Chevy pick up. That for sure was
    >moving him on to the eliminations. Ray Jacky Chevy SB made a pass at 11.90
    >but Callen in his F 150 6 cyl smoked him at 10.13. Chas pulled in with his
    >Ford F-100 and made a pass at 11.90 About this time we starting filling the
    >pit with water hoses getting ready for eliminations.
    >The line up was like this.
    >The sand Rail 1st , Rod Keller 2nd , Jason Gray 3rd, Callen 4th, and since
    >Chass didn't have anyone to run against he was 5th. Everything was ready. We
    >let people play for about a ½ hour least we thought until the bog was
    >starting to claim vehicles one after another and extracting them was getting
    >harder and harder. in the bog who didn't want to compete and gave time for
    >people to set up their trucks for the next run. The bog was getting good and
    >sticky. We were just about ready, when all hell broke loose and this
    >thundering could be heard over the event. In front of us on the road was no
    >less than 15 trucks and 5 trailer trucks showing up at once. As soon as we
    >found places for them another 10 rolled in then another 10 or so and then
    >about 20 spectators pulled. People were wondering were all these mud trucks
    >are going in Wilsonville and just followed them. About this time more of our
    >club members showed up. Shannon pulled in to set up his footage, Rob
    >(Trazerdog) and his friends Jeff Miller who you will hear more about later
    >Shannon quickly got into place and got a great place to shoot on the flat
    >bed of (rednecks truck). Everyone just looked at everyone who was organizing
    >this thing and said. WE ARE NOT TURNING AWAY 40 trucks who came late to play
    >and including an OBH members with Toyotas and Sami's and a Jeep. Its suppose
    >to be full size only but what the hell THIS time we will let everyone play.
    >The owner of the property said it was cool and allowed it. See you have to
    >be a MEMBER of the club to use this property. It's the deal we struck with
    >the owner. Just as we were about ready start another group of trucks through
    >the cater showed up. People were getting antsy so we sent them to the pro
    >shop to get pop and chips. Or use the bathroom we had. Everyone showing up
    >late really slowed things down but we got it dialed in and started calling
    >the new contestants to the bogs. We gave the first rounders a break for a
    >bit while the new groups made their passes.
    >First off of the second round was Pig pen in his 71 1st Gen ford Bronco with
    >lots of engine and tires. His blast was 10.05 and right behind him in a
    >Chevy heavy modded Blazer was Dave Bateman and killer run of 9.68. Jeff
    >Miller in a 77 Blazer SBC and 38's showed he knew what to do right off and
    >posted a 9.68 which put him in the eliminations against Dave Bateman.
    >Here was the line up..
    >The sand Rail 1st , Rod Keller 2nd , Jason Gray 3rd, Callen 4th, Chass 5th,
    >followed by Dave Bateman and Jeff Miller.
    >Fist off was Rod. Setting up in his BBF he chewed the now really sticky deep
    >course up and fire up a 9.28 pass. Just after that was the Buggy. He was
    >smoking. Just floating over the bog and slammed a 8.49 on his second pass.
    >Then it was Jason Gray in the bog. He put a respectable time of 9.35. A
    >little slower than his first time, but the bog seriously changed since then.
    >Next Callen. He posted a 10.37. Then Chas. Chass's time wasn't quite quick
    >enough for semi final and scored an 11.90 .
    >Next line up was like this:
    >Rail (Buggy) 1st, 2nd Jason Gray, 3rd Dave Bateman and Jeff Miller 4th.
    >Ok so now it was the Buggy's turn, It looked good he was ready. First part
    >of the bogs he looked really good made the turn into the second part and
    >just as it crests up to get out of the bog (blub, blub, blub,) the mud
    >caught him and just stopped him in his tracks. It was the first DNF for the
    >Bogs. We all gave him a hand because when he was extracted you couldn't tell
    >where the seats began and he ended.
    >Next was Jason Gray. Nice time of 10.06, then after that was Dave Bateman
    >who's time was 9.25 and last but not least was Jeff Miller with a good time
    >of 9.27.
    >Ok this was it. The Final run. The Mud Hog of the Mud bogs 1st place was on
    >the line.
    >Here is the line up:
    >1st Dave Bateman SBC Blazer
    >2nd Jason Gray SBC Chevy Pick up.
    >Dave Just smoked it. He run was fast I mean really fast. With those huge tir
    >es and power he just floated over the mud. He Set the EVENT Winning time of
    >8.78 seconds . the second time was almost 6 seconds slower at a 14.93.
    >Jason's run looked good but he was going to fast for the turn and went up
    >the side. Backed up quickly and then blasted through the second section of
    >the bog.
    >The crowd went nuts and applause was heard everywhere. This was a cool
    >event. The right turn throws a wrench in the works for anyone trying hammer
    >down tactics.
    >more to be posted. We have about 1000 photos of this. and now I have been told that the 4 wheel drive magazines we love to read want to come to the next one.
    >We are now at after I put in this weeks sign ups 275 club members.
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