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    It's been a while from my last visit (and post),so here's one;I've been studying hydraulic systems and components for a while now.Mainly I'm designing hydrolic winch,with separate pump and tank and stuff.I then wondered that what if I replace the original P/S pump with this new system.After all,I don't need winch every day,so all I need to do is to lower the pressure coming from this new pump so it dont brake hydroboost and steeringbox.I've let myself believe that too much pressure is not good for Hydroboost and p/s.Am I right?So,what is the volume and pressure that original pump gives?
    And please,don't say "Why don't you buy a Milemarker?",because 1.Nobody imports them,and 2.To me this is part of the fun to desing and build all these weird systems.I let you know if I ever build this particular system.

    I'm too lazy to stick shift,that's why I prefer autotranny.

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