Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4s Club meeting at Bullwinkles Aug 23

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    Well summer is winding down and school will be starting soon so our next meeting will be at Bullwinkles in Wilsonville starting around 10am and lasting most of the day. for those not familiar with it it has everything goto for more details. Ther group coordinator will be getting back with me on discount rates. Below is a sample of costs from their menu. Afterwards we can head to my house which is 2 miles away and have food n drink and relax. Bring everyone. this should be fun and its just about the last really cool day of summer.I also arranged if we have 10 or more poeple going that for 10.00 ea we can get unlimited bumperboats/watercannons, mini golf, and batting cages and for an extra 5.00 unlimited go karts for three hours. Please let me know who is going to attend. Newcomers are seriously invited come one come all.


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