Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4's

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    Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4\'s

    Well its official we are a new club with this new name. This is a fullsize club only. Members have fullsize vehicles. People who wish to run with us that do not have fullsize vehicles are allowed to go with us just not join the club. Minimum wheelbase requirements 103.3" wheelbase (104").

    Club Officials:
    Daniel : Pres (BlueKnight)
    Shannon: Treasurer/Sgt of Arms (Mudhog)
    Frank: Secretary (BlazininOr)


    Don: Pres (donimator)
    Tresurer not elected
    Secretary not elected

    Mitch is making a great logo for us once it is done T shirts, Mugs, Cards, Hats and Mouse pads will be available to purchase..

    Our club only website will be sent out to member in private emails. Do not lose this address as it will not be given out to others.

    First meeting: March 17th at 4:30 pm place not chosen yet.

    Washington first meeting March 10th at Puyallup Swap meet.

    Anyone with a fullsize vehicle can join email me or private message me about more details.

    This club will be very active Everything from small trail runs to full blown events. All photos and logs will be kept for everyone to view. Welcome Lets get this party started!!
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    Re: Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4\'s

    you forgot the first official run on the 24th /forums/images/icons/smile.gif just dont try to follow me/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif

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