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Discussion in 'Feedback | Site Announcements' started by TrcksR4ME, Feb 3, 2005.

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    I just wanted to offer a suggestion...

    Would it be possible to have more than one option for memberships? For starters an option to do monthly again would be nice. Also maybe different levels like "silver" or "gold", etc that offer different levels of options.

    I realize that this is a business for you, but there are many services you offer that can be had for free from a third party.

    I just don't like how a "free" membership excludes basically every option, even those that have little or no expense. For instance avatars, if it is hosted by a third party how does that cost CK5 money? Also signatures, why not allow a basic text signature to all users? (as you can see below I just add one manually to my posts, little more time but I can do it for free).

    I spend a lot of time on CK5 and have posted quite a bit, but I would say 2/3's or more of my posts are answering other peoples questions or trying to help them out. I don't want to pay to help other people. I would be willing to pay to have the option of viewing pics in the members gallery, like when someone attach's a pic to their post, or being able to PM again.

    But the things I can live without are the lounge, the ck5 giveaways, pic hosting (I can do it easier and for free elsewhere) and chat, to name a few.

    Basically I would like access to some basic options, to the tech related forums and the regional forums.

    Not looking for arguments from people on why CK5 is worth $25 in your opinion...just stating I would like to see something in between free and $25 a year. If there was such an option I would be a paying member right now.

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    Good ideas actually and I have been thinking about things like that, just need a little time as I am swamped at the moment.

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